About Just Tonight Josephine

Just tonight Josephine, a company that specialises in evening wear of all kinds. From spectacular and basic suits to simple or glamourous gowns, we have it all. No matter your size, shape or age, occasion if you need an evening wear outfit, our mission is to help you.

Our Story

My journey with Just Tonight Josephine began many years ago, when I was working as the head of wardrobe for a variety of TV shows and corporate events. During this time, I was a client of Just tonight Josephine. I knew that, as a store that appreciated a good outfit as much as I did, they would always have exactly what I needed to make my clients look – and feel – their best. My love for Just Tonight Josephine grew with each experience I had with the company, so when it became available for purchase in 2006, I jumped at the chance to be a part of its magic. It was the perfect fit.

In the years since, I have worked on expanding Just Tonight Josephine’s local and imported designer ranges. This has allowed for us to supply high-end evening wear at affordable prices. Our large selection means that we are able to meet a variety of tastes at any budget.

I have always been passionate about fashion and helping others to look and feel their best. The Just Tonight Josephine team aims to provide our clients with on-trend dresses and suits with accessories of exceptional quality. This ensures that our clients feel confident and proud in whatever they wear.

Because the fashion industry is an ever-changing one, we at Just Tonight Josephine are always adding new suits, dresses and accessories to our collection.  We are dedicated to ensuring that there is always something new and fashion-forward for our clients to hire or buy from us. Recently, we have expanded to include Latin and Ballroom dancing to our areas of expertise!

Here at Just Tonight Josephine, we are fond saying “A dress for every occasion and an occasion for every dress”.  This means that we stock dresses and suits for any and all occasions. This includes school dances, weddings, red carpet events and many more.

My staff and I value every single one of our clients and find joy in helping them feel their best. I look forward to doing the same for you!